Our Bike

Based on our market research, the design and features we have incorporated into this product make it the perfect balance bike. Allow us to explain why it is so great…

Easily Adjustable

Both the seat and handlebars of this coaster bike are super easy to adjust, meaning the bike will grow with your child for years until he or she feels confident enough to move onto a full bike. Simply use the hex key (which we provide included in the package with the bike) to loosen, adjust, and then re-tighten the height of both the seat and handlebars until they’re perfect. See our videos section if unsure how to do this!

Super Easy to Assemble

Similarly, the bike is dead simple to assemble. It is almost ready to use right out of the box and just requires some final touches. Use the hex key included in the box to do this and see our assembly videos if at all stuck or unsure!

Super Lightweight

Our glide bike is extremely robust and yet one of the lightest air tire bikes in the world. This enables either you or even your toddler to effortlessly pick the bike up after a long ride! You can comfortably carry your child in one hand and the bike in the other, or even put the bike on a stroller or the boot of your car.

Grippy Rubber Air Tires

Unlike with cheaper EVA foam tires used on other push bikes, the super grippy rubber air tires on our model will provide your child with a more realistic bike riding experience. These tires will prevent the bike from slipping over as is experienced with EVA tires and can be used on any surface indoor or outdoor.

Strong Handbrake

Very few balance bikes have a brake, but we have fitted this model with a sturdy handbrake. This is to give your child a taste of what riding a real bike is like and help them learn another valuable skill involved in cycling. It is also for your child’s safety, which is always our priority!

Effortless Steering

The handlebars on the bike are not at all stiff, tight or difficult to turn and have been designed for young ones! This makes for smooth and functional steering of the bike, even for a young toddler. The handles have also been designed extra thin to fit small hands!

Comfy Padded Seat

The seat on our glide bike is padded and comfortable, and not made of plastic like on other bicycles, so that your loved one can ride around in complete comfort for hours.

Strong Clamps

Extra strong adjustable clamps mean the seat will stay up and stay in position without moving around. The handlebars will also be fixed in position until you choose to adjust them.