Here are some of the most common questions you ask us, and our answers!

What Age is this Bike Suitable For?

Our 12 inch sport bike is perfect for children and toddlers from 2 – 5 years old. However, thanks to the adjustability of the bicycle, it can even be used by a child under two years old and will grow with them as you adjust it. Equally, on the highest setting, this bike will be perfectly usable by a child of 6 years old or even more. It’s so strong that it can even take the weight of an adult!

Is the Bike Easy to Assemble?

We understand that any toy that requires some putting together out of the box can be daunting. Therefore, we have made this bike super simple to assemble. It will already be partly assembled inside the box and will simply require some final touches and tightening up. We have included the Hex key (assembly tool) to do this inside the box and have an assembly video on our website if you are getting at all stuck.

Air Tires or EVA Tires?

We have fitted this bike with rubber air tires instead of EVA foam tires for good reason! EVA tires are smooth, lightweight and slippery so will not provide strong grip on any surface and will regularly slip over. Rubber air tires, however, offer great traction on any indoor or outdoor surface, providing a more realistic bike-riding experience for your child and keeping them safer from accidents.

Dimensions and Weight?

The wheels of this bike are 12 inches. It weighs around 3.45 kgs.