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Find information here all about our great kids’ balance bikes:

Ride Specialist started out to bring high quality but also easy-to-use and durable products to young bike enthusiasts everywhere. Our balance bike was inspired by these very principles of quality, convenience and durability. It is an extremely well-made, built-to-last product that your loved one can use every day with complete ease and confidence.

This product has already been recognized by the market for its stylish design and excellent features. At Ride Specialist, we searched the market far and wide to find what we consider the perfect push bike for young boys and girls. This bicycle is our best attempt at providing just that. We combined every good feature we ever found in a balance bike all into one design.

We have not yet found another glider bike that combines all of the features our product has together. The functionality of these features can also be 100% guaranteed due to our extensive testing of the product. Its durability, safety and effectiveness have been tested especially hard.

Our desire was to make the process for kids learning to ride a bike a happy and unforgettable one … your loved one will love the experience of using this product every day.

This balance bike is a wonderful gift for kids and toddlers everywhere!